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Welcome to eAncestry.org, our family's genealogy home on the internet! Our database contains 44,000+ individuals and 5,000+ photos and documents. To make suggestive edits in the database, please REGISTER for an account. Thanks to all who have made contributions, both monetary and time.

Our ancestors primarily came from England, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden.

Chad's 5th generation surnames: Anderson, Broman, Campbell, Cloward, Conder, Dutson, Ericksen, Farmer, Holyoak, Kump, Kylen, Nichols, Nielson, O'Donnell, Richardson, Roberts, Shelley, Stone, and Walker

Sietske's 5th generation surnames: Aubrey, Birch, de Ruiter, Dewey, Dikkerboom, Green, Gunn, Hale, Koedam, Mietus, Miller, Neibaur, op den Kelder, Out, Pugh, Robinson, Stewart, Valk, van der Veen, Wilson

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9 Jan 2016 - The database is back online with new historical records. Happy New Year!

14 Aug 2012 - The database has reached more than 45,000 individuals. Thanks to all for your time and monetary contributions!!

03 Oct 2011 - Thanks to a distant relative we have connected our Nichols family to descendants in Australia!

21 Sep 2011 - Our website has moved. We are now hosted on a new, faster server! Please bear with us as we migrate the files from the old location!

12 Jan 2011 - Added more individuals, the database now containing more than 43,500! Added 32 documents

9 Dec 2010 - Added 100+ individuals and 42 historical documents, mostly ancestors of Dirkje de Ruiter